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Can I set up the custom form so that selecting an option from the Creative Type drop down will then auto-select an option from the Asset Bucket drop down? I realize I can also use separate fields on the form to accomplish this, but would prefer to keep Asset Bucket as a drop down so I can use it as a grouping option on reporting (without using text mode, if possible). Please see word doc for screenshots. Thanks!

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I doubt if that is possible without calculated fields.

also on choosing creative type drop down i see multiple options under asset selection too. is there anything in specific it should auto select ? or is the request is to see if its possible to open the dropdown so its not missed ?

I am eager to learn what other Admins/ WF experts would have discovered. 


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If both fields are single select, I suspect you might be able to do this using external lookup fields. I recommend you book time with a remote consultant if you're unable to work through the documentation alone.




Typically I would set anything like this up as a project with tasks that represent each dropdown option, but I'm sure others will have different alternatives for you.