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Quick Tip: Understanding the hierarchy of wildcards + running a report with the access rights of another user



Using the "Run a report with the access level of another user" setting in a report allows users to see the exact same results in a report as another user, regardless of their access level or permission on the objects inside the report.

Set a user with the right permissions to view data on a report in the Report Actions > Edit > Report Settings area. Unless a result has been directly shared with the user viewing the report, they will only be able to see the results - not open or modify them.

This feature is especially helpful if you're trying to share:

  • Team workload to all members of the team.
  • All hours that have been logged in the system, regardless of whether or not the hours were entered by direct reports.
  • Financials with executives or decision-makers who don’t have access to this information based on their permissions in Workfront.

Remember, if your report has both user-based wildcard filters AND has been setup to run with the access rights of another user, the field for "Run this report with the access rights of" will override the wildcards.

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