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Quick Tip: There's a difference between Assignments and Assigned To in reporting



Need to run a Task or Issue report that lists specific assignees? Use the Assigned To field to show only the Task Owner - or the Primary Assignee - assigned and use the Assignments field to return a list of everyone that is assigned to the Issue or Task.

Need to run a report organizing work by each person assigned to a task versus just by the Task Owner? Consider using an Assignment report!

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Kyna, I like your "Quick Tips" posts, keep 'em coming!

I'd like to see more Quick Tips regarding fields that seem similar (like this one) but are really very different. Sometimes I have to run tests to see what some fields actually are.

And maybe some Quick Tips about obscure API fields that are super useful. Ex. "totalTaskCount" counts the number of tasks in a project. Can be used in a project report. Super useful.




Thank you Randy! This is a great idea. I'll have to see what we can come up with. I might just use your example you shared as one coming up soon!


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This worked out just the way I needed to report multiple assignments. Thank you so much!