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Proofs not loading


Level 1
Is anyone else experiencing issues trying to open proofs in Workfront? A few of the users in my organisation (and now myself) are unable to open proofs (recently uploaded ones or ones that have been on the platform for a while). I click on 'Open Proof' and then Proof HQ opens up and I just get the black background but sometimes it just states Error 500. I'm still on the 'classic' version of WF as the beta version needed me to refresh every other page. Any help would be much appreciated! Eleni Young Marketing Project Manager
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Level 9
I've had users encounter similar issues here and there. Some general tips: 1. Clear out internet cache periodically 2. Ensure your browser is up to date (check periodically) 3. List Workfront and Proofhq as trusted sites #1 is especially helpful after WF pushes out updates. Anthony Pernice