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Proof decision emails not working


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Up until Monday 1st July we have stopped receiving emails that alert us when there is a comment on a proof or decisions have been made ie Changed Required or Approved. Due to the volume of work we get through this is now causing issues. I've checked with our IT dept and nothing is being blocked our side. Also all notifications/emails are set to instant for approvals and when we set up the proofs it's always with 'all replies' and not 'daily summary'.


Does anyone know if this is a bug in WF that's being looked at?

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The known issues page is here:



However whether or not it’s listed, I always recommend you submit your own case. The more they get, the higher the priority of the problem and the faster the fix. (they throw more resources into it)


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That's super helpful to have that page, thank you!


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I don't know if this is helpful, but our company has had a heck of a time receiving emails when the notification is coming from a person who was not a user in Workfront prior to being added to the approval workflow. The reason is that, if you add them via the Proof tool, it creates a new user where the email address you entered is their first name in Workfront.


So, let's say you included the email address "AmyHo4@company.com" in the approval workflow and this was not associated with a current Workfront user. Instead of the newly created Workfront user being named "Amy Ho4", it would be named "AmyHo4@company.com" with no last name. Then, when a notification email is sent, the "From" field in Outlook/your email provider will read "AmyHo4@company.com <notification@my.workfront.com>". With our security setup, this was flagged as a spoofing attempt and we have actually not found a solution for this with Outlook/security. Instead, we have to make sure that we've added any necessary reviewers as Workfront users before including them in the approval workflow.


I hope this helps. If it doesn't, hopefully it will help someone else reading this post!