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Project template best practices for high volume of deliverables and due dates


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Our team creates print and digital assets for a high volume of SKUs. One project could contain creative work for 100 SKUs or more. Currently, we have a parent task for each SKU with about 5-6 subtasks for the assets/action items/due dates associated with each SKU. This results in projects with hundreds of tasks and very burdensome for our team members. We started this way because our cross-functional teams often request the status of a specific asset per SKU (is the packaging approved, released, did we receive a supplier proof yet?)

We are looking to simplify and revamp our templates, while still maintaining visibility to those sub-task due dates (approval, released, proofed) so we don't miss deadlines. It is also vital to be able to share granular data with our partners (how many/which assets are approved out of total, how many/which assets have we released, etc.) I've looked at the Blueprint templates wondering if it is too big of a shift to reverse our templates, having one task encompass "Artwork Production and Approval" for all SKUs in the project, and providing a proof report/dashboard that shows the status of each SKU.

Quick summary: our hundreds of SKUs have the same 5 or 6 sub-steps, all with individual due dates, and our partners really care about that granular information but our team can't keep up with hundreds of tasks in every project.


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Could you use the Integrated Campaign project blueprint to create an overall Artwork Production & Approval project, and use the issue/request process in the blueprint to input an issue for each sku then convert the issue to the 5-6 step project template? If you have Fusion you could attach a custom form to trigger all the issues to be converted to projects using the 5-6 step project template. With each SKU being attached to an issue should be able to do reporting on anything. My thoughts at least 😏