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Project Approval Process Problem


Level 8

I have never used approvals for projects before, but believe it may be the answer to one of our trickier problems in WF.

However, I can't seem to get my approval path right. It seems simple to me, but it's not working so I'm clearly doing something wrong. Help?

Path 1: Project Owner Check.

Once the project is set to current by our traffic manager the project owner receives an approval request. If the project looks good they approve it. If not they reject it and the status of the project is set to on hold.

👆🏻 This works just fine.

Path 2: Manager Check

If the project is set to on hold it's supposed to trigger the approval of the the manager (for the sake of making things easy we just put in his name) and he has to approve it and set the status to current once the project is good to go.

We can't get path 2 to activate even though the status is changing to on hold after the project owner rejection. Help!


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Level 7

Hi Samantha,

Unfortunately, someone has to actually change the project status to something other then "On Hold" and the change it back to "On Hold- Pending Approval" in order for Path 2 to trigger because the system doesn't allow for you to set the trigger to a " - Pending Approval" status.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Best -



Level 8

WHAT? That is unfortunate...think I could use Fusion to figure it out?


Level 4

Fusion defo does this. We do it in one of our scenarios. Daft question if I may, for your project approvals, how do you assign roles and/or people to the stages? Thanks v much.


Level 2

Since I've not seen any way to call on the roles field (if so, someone please let me know), I've had to hard code them in via the JSON. Icky and bad practice, but when you've got picky execs, gotta roll with it.