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Overbudget Notification?


Level 10

Because the assigned hours in WF is not a hard limit, we're running into the problem of budget over-runs.

We already have a report that shows budgets and highlights red any that are overdue.

But the planners want something more like an active email ping. This is also to account for planners who simply not checking their Cost-to-Date view as they should.

Is anyone here having the same problem, and if so, how are you dealing with it?

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Level 10

Hi Kevin,

One option would be to create a report for each planner to show any of their (e.g. Owner = $$USER) Projects whose Actual Costs are greater than some hurdle amount (e.g. Planned Cost, or 80% of Planned Cost, etc. -- which you'd store in a custom data field) and schedule it to email to them on some regular cadence (e.g. Daily, Weekly, etc.)