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OR condition on report prompts?


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Hi WF Community,

Is it possible to apply an OR condition when you have more than 1 report prompt?




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Level 3

Hello All,

This is possible. Below is an example to pull in all tasks and issues that are in the status of NEW on an Assignment Report. I also created a video of how I create prompts easily. https://drop.workfront.com/o0u8kkqE


Hope this helps.


Level 2

Adam, thanks this is helpful, but it is not exactly what I'm looking for or I'm still not setting it up correctly. . . . more specifically, I want a prompt to pull all tasks that have either an assigned name or a team name.

Right now I can put in a prompt that allows for an input of team name and another prompt that allows for the input of an assignee, but when you put an entry into both prompts, the report only returns one of the prompts and not both. . .. So, I get a report full of tasks assigned to John Doe, but no tasks assigned to Team Doe.

I'm looking for a way to put in any combination of Team name and Assigned name and get results for any tasks assigned to either.


Level 3

Ok, now I understand better the scenario. There is not going to be a way to do an OR with the prompts so that the user will be able to enter the name of the team OR assigned user. This is only going to be possible through a custom prompt where the values for the fields are static, like my example above. I am not sure of the end goal of the report but if the report is being utilized for users to find work that apply to them it may be possible to utilize wildcards in the filter of the report to accomplish this. But it really depends on the end goal of the report and who will be viewing it.