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Hello everyone! 

I was wondering if someone can help me with the following:

My users login with the company SSO, so I don't get to create their accounts. And I was wondering if:

1. Is it possible to get notified every time I get a new user 

2. Assign a default layout template and a company to each new member?

if the answer is yes, how can I do it?


Thanks in advance!


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I would consider creating a user report and I would try to filter by user creation date, in other words users who are less than 7 days old or some such logic.  Once you have one or more users selected you can click the button to do a bulk edit and inside the editor you can assign a common layout template.


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To setup a notification like this, I think the only way to achieve this is working with the Event Subscription API. If you have a Fusion instance, you could simply create a scenario triggered by a Watch Events module which monitors any changes in a field like entryDate or loginCount on the object type USER and sends a notification / email to you. 

This could also be used to update the user's record to assign a layout template and the company as well.


If you do not have Fusion, you could do that working with the Event Subscription API directly, but this would require some programming...






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If I wanted the low-tech option, I'd create a User report with a filter for 'Entry Date in last 24 hours" and have it email to me every day. Some days it would be blank, but that's the lowest time-cost option for that part.


As for assigning default layout templates/companies etc, the answer is "Yes, but that may not work the way you expect." Within the SSO panel in Setup, you can go into the 'Map User Attributes' window and set default values for quite a few of the options on a User record, including those two. 


Take care though, those settings do apply when the account is first created, AND every single subsequent login via SSO. It keeps reapplying them every time. If there is some attribute being sent to you in your SSO config that you can use to accurately determine the right answer every time though, that could be a way to go.


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I used to use auto-provisioning until I figured out it was WAY easier to copy an existing similar user and use that. Now I have a New User Request Queue. But I digress…

If you want to keep track of new auto-provisioned users, create a Group called "AAA New Users" or something similar. All provisioned users get assigned to the first Group in the list. Then create a report filtering for users in the "AAA new Users" group and send that report to yourself every morning. When you get a new user, go to their account and change their Group to the correct one while you're setting up the rest of their account, permissions, schedule, role, teams, etc. and they'll come off the report. As long as your report is empty, you're all caught up!