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Nested Task List by Due Date (2 Week Window)


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I am trying to come up with a custom field in a project report that pulls the task title, due date, and status out for tasks on projects that are due within the next 2 weeks but not complete yet.

Here is what I tried but I keep on getting no tasks pulled out even though I know tasks exist within the next 2 weeks or are past due:

column.1.value=<div style="padding:5px 5px 5px 5px;border-bottom:2px; background:#cccccc; text-align:center; font-weight:bold; font-size:11pt;border-radius:0px 0px 0px 0px; box-shadow: 0px 0px #858585;"><b>KEY MILESTONES</b></div><div style="padding:3px 3px 3px 3px; border-bottom:0px; background:#f5f5f5; text-align:left; font-size:10pt; border-radius:0px 0px 0px 0px; box-shadow: 0px 0px #858585;"><b>Incomplete (< 10 days out)</b><br>
column.2.valueexpression=IF({plannedCompletionDate}<$$TODAYed+10d,IF({numberOfChildren}=0,IF({duration}=0,IF({percentComplete}<100,(CONCAT("   ◇ ",IF({condition}=0,'<b><font color=03a219>[Green] </font></b>',IF({condition}=1,'<b><font color=e19503>[Yellow] </font></b>',IF({condition}=2,'<b><font color=d30519>[Red] </font></b>',""))),{name}," (Planned: ",{plannedCompletionDate},")"))))))

Can someone help me fix this to extract tasks not completed within the next 2 weeks?


Thank you!


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This is a task report that shows tasks due in two weeks.

I group this by Project.

Hope this helps.


Task Report Due In Two Weeks:








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Hello Elliot. Thank you for responding to this. I was looking for more of a list format on the project report view in a column list per project.


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I would suggest starting with a simpler valueexpression and building up from there so you can see where the issue truly is. Start with the expression itself (I don't want to say formatting isn't possible in a valueexpression, but I don't think formatting is possible in a valueexpression).


0) stop sharing the columns, you'll want to see this result by itself for a while.

1) try: if percent complete < 100, display name and planned completion date.

2) if that works, add the "if duration =0" in front of it and see if that works.

3) then add number of children.

4) then add planned completion date < today + 10 days


If you get stuck on even the basic valueexpression, at least you'll be able to post a more specific question. After you have the basic valueexpression working, move on to putting your concats in, one at a time.


If your concats work, you can try the formatting one more time (again, just try adding one color at a time) -- at this time, I think you may have to make a decision about how important the formatting is, as I don't really believe valueexpressions allow for this (always happy to be proven wrong though).


After you get something working, you can put the sharecol back in.


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I agree with Skye that you cannot embed CSS styling within a valueexpression as a cheat to conditionally format items in a collection.

If anyone can demonstrate differently, I'd love to see it. 

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