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Need help with text mode for reporting on Multi-select fields. I've had this problem before and met with a consultant, but after an hour on phone and our last 30 min of time spent off-line, I was only provided options not the solution or a working report


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I have a form for social media....multi-select has been removed but reporting problem remains. I have them as sep questions now.

facebook y/n

instagram y/n

linkedIn y/n

pinterest y/n etc....I have added these as sep tasks in template schedule....if yes then the task is competed...if no then we delete.

so I guess I need a task report but not sure how to filter.

(one option was putting a short form on each task but we are already adding more work for production so even though solution above will not let you drill down in charts its better).

we need to be able to see how many of each platform grouped by project. to get total number of assets.

win win report would also show when they choose only one media platform. screen shots show fields - they are same form.

Thank you to anyone willing to throw a calculated text mode filter my way!!!!


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Hi Tegwyn,

If I'm correct in understanding that a Task tagged on both Facebook and Instagram should then count as two assets, I'd then suggest the same solution as I did for @Jessica Ryan‚ Creating a Chart for a Multi-Select Custom Field yesterday.

And (since what you're describing seems so well aligned with it), I also invite you to consider our image-centric, multi-channeled Editorial Calendar solution, which includes a couple of videos to illustrate how it all comes together.




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Hi Doug!

thank you for quick reply....you are correct. when we used multi-select the last column in report showed what they chose but that didn't correlate to number of assets and needed to be done manually.

so the form is a bit odd now....question "Are you requesting more than one media platform in this request?" if no....they get dropdown and can choose only one.

if yes they have 4 yes or no questions.

In the end I need to know how many facebook, instagram etc and report on results from both of those answers.

I'll check out links you posted. If you know anything about "Budgeting" I have another question posted today =)

you're the best!😀


Community Advisor

I might be being dense here... this post was a bit difficult for me to parse (it's been a long day).

You have a custom form at the project level with these yes/no questions (this part sounded like a red herring), and then you have templated tasks set up -- one for each media. You want to see how many of each per project.

So to me, this looks like a task report filtering on task | template task id = template task name 1, template task name 2, template task name 3, and so on.

Then, in the grouping you group by project name first and template task name second.

Then you set the report settings to show the summary when it loads.

What the result is, is grouping 1 (project) shows total medias. Grouping 2 (tasks) shows total of each media.

You can throw in the red herring in the filter if you wish (I wouldn't recommend it unless it's needed for some weirdo reason). You could also group by task names instead of template task names, but users tend to rename tasks (like facebook task 1, facebook task 2, facebook task 3, if there are 3 facebooks in a project).

Did I miss something?


Level 7

Hi Skye,

yeah...think I made it seem more difficult than it is. (had to look up red herring lol).

I had report set up like you explained above but I don't think I am getting all the results I should be. I haven't looked at it today to try and troubleshoot tho.

I'll get back after I am able to check out....just had a lightbulb moment!

Thank you for feedback!