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manage global template for our cross-office teams


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I am working on a global template for our cross-office teams. All projects across four facilities (with three separate regional groups) are created from this template. A project could have 50-1050 tasks. PMs manage by assigning themselves to their tasks. Other departments need to see these in a report to make assignments. We don't want to assign teams as they could vary based on the region the work is being done in and could be in more than one region per project.


Here is an example of a small workflow



How can I:

  • manage this workflow so each department can see their tasks and the parent task name (I can't do a custom form for each task as there are so many, but there could be 20 of the same task on a project)
  • ensure the correct region sees their work (I can add a simple location custom form if needed) 
  • If not in a task list like this, pass the work through teams, but manage and report on the duration (both planned and actual)
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I would initially create filters for the task list that showed "tasks assigned to users/roles/teams that I am a part of" so users could easily see their own stuff. Also task filters for locations mentioned in the task description may help. You could just put the location in the task description and save yourself from a form on every task.

Also, with standard reporting, you can create reports that just about whatever you want, then put them on a dashboard attached to left nav bar of the project. This way they can view tasks in a number of ways limited to the tat specific project.


Hope this helps


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I also need to be able to collate the tasks, so other than PMs, teams are not going into the projects themselves. They could have 30 label releases and 20 receipt inspections - these need to be able to be split without making each a custom object as we have over 700 open jobs globally and some jobs can last several years.