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Making a field in Workfront View only / Not editable


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Hey all, 


I have a custom form and projects in Workfront. To enable the user to use Workfront, some of the fields should be view only at the start; hence, the user cannot edit those fields. 


In Workfront, the ability to make a field read-only often depends on the field type and the permissions of the user. Standard fields, for example, cannot be made read-only. 

Could anyone tell me how could I do that? 


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You can achieve this with a section break in your custom form.


Having a section break appear above the fields that you want to restrict access to will give you the ability to make those fields view only and not editable.


In the below screenshot I have configured a section break so that anyone with view access to the object can view the fields, but only admins have the ability to edit the fields.


Screenshot 2023-09-29 134810.jpg


You can read more on this here.


Best Regards,




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Hi Richard,

I fully agree with the approach, but in so many use cases I come across the need to allow edit to some custom fields is required to users who are not System Admins. An example use case:

Bruce is the project owner of a project that has a custom field "Budget Requested" where he puts a financial value of the budget he is asking for.

Victoria is the financial controller and should have access to another custom field in the same form "Budget Approved" where she puts a financial value of the budget approved.


Bruce should be able to view the field "Budget Approved" but not be able to edit it. Neither Bruce or Victoria are System Admins.


How would you approach this use case. Thanks in advance for taking the time to advise on this, truly appreciated.


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Hey @AhmedEl @Richard_Le_ thanks for the interesting bit of conversation! To your point, I think it is a great point made and hope we have some clarification regarding the same Maybe there is another "clever" way to sort this out. 

Hey @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore , @Richard_Le_ Regarding the above question which I asked earlier, I have a field in the custom form for eg - Budget.

We need to set the field in such a way so the cost managers (a lot of workfront users)  can edit this field, but NOT the project managers. How could we achieve this? 

Many thanks in advance!