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Iterations (Sprint) Process build help


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I have been asked to build a Sprint (Iterations) process in Workfront. I am fairly new to the Agile concept and have some concerns with my limited knowledge. Does anyone have any tips for building out this process from scratch? The basic concept is that a Request would come in to the team and be assigned to a Sprint (1 sprint = 2 weeks). They need to track if a Request does not get completed in Sprint 1 and needs to be moved to Sprint 2 and so on. A report woudl be needed to show that Request A was completed in sprint 1 as expected, but Request B was scheduled for sprint 1, but did not meet the deadline, therefore has been moved to sprint 1. Are there any tutorials or videos you have done to demonstrate how your Iterations work that you would be willing to share?

Thank you for your time!


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Hey Paula,

This sounds like a great Agile conversation and how to get started using that methodology. We have a group dedicated to @Agile Conversation‚ and in it are some people who have done Agile before that might have some ideas about how to build a good process.

Tagging @Jane Bradshaw‚ @Melissa Pickering‚ to see if they might have some ideas of places you might start.



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Hi @Paula Bailey‚ , thanks for posting this - lots of good questions in here! Let me see if I can summarize what you're looking for process tips on how to:

  1. Assign work from a request queue to an agile team and get assigned to a sprint
  2. Move unfinished work from one sprint to the next
  3. Report on progress of work, and possibly a report on when work was pushed out

Please let me know if I missed anything above. And, to specifically answer your question about a video tutorial, please check out this one that we published a few months ago. It covers the basics and may answer a few of these for you. https://one.workfront.com/s/feed/0D54X00006cvSbLSAU


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@Paula Bailey‚ Now to respond to those items: I recommend working with your team to set up your basic Scrum flow (I'm saying scrum because you mention iterations). There are multiple ceremonies that can help you get through the steps of evaluating work, assigning work to a team, and assigning work to a sprint.

  1. First, I would ask - is there a single Product Owner that manages the request queue? This might be referred to as your Product backlog and it should be prioritized by someone. Then, I would ask - is there one request queue per team, or are there multiple teams supporting it? If multiple teams, there are a few more steps, but eventually then the work gets assigned to the team doing it. Then each team has their own ceremonies - the team reviews the backlog and they pull the top items into their upcoming sprint backlog refinement meeting and get things prepped for upcoming sprint. The team assigns it to the sprint.
  2. Each sprint, use the Sprint Retro and upcoming Sprint Planning to manage what happens to unfinished items. Part of the benefit of agile is to understand true velocity, in order to be stable and predictable in delivering outcomes. Make sure you also investigate what prevents things from finishing, and also consider the concept of WIP limits - staying focused on the highest priority stuff and getting that all the way to done! :-)
  3. We have some amazing people here who are wizards at reporting, so I'm guessing these reports are possible. For the question about what got moved, is the question really more like: "is this item still going to be launched in time to provide value?" Having the product owner involved in the ceremonies helps to ensure priority continued to be followed, and adjusted if need be.

I hope this is helpful!!! Please continue ask questions!!