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Isolating Actual Hours for specific Job Roles in Project Report


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I am creating a dashboard so that our designers have a quick & dirty way to look at project info without looking through all of the Project Details. Currently this is being done with a Project report that has key information on it. I want to be able to show them the total number of hours that have been worked by all people on the project that have a specific Job Role ("Graphic Designer" in this case.)

I'm using shared columns to make this, so I think I need to generate a new calculated field to be able to see this correctly. However, if I have to abandon shared columns for in-report valueexpressions in Text Mode I'm okay with that. An example of what I currently have:



The Quoted Hours are filled in from other fields, and the Actual Hours total is just the actualWorkRequired. But separating that total into two different totals based on Job Role is what I'm after. I hope this is possible! Any advice would be appreciated on how to approach this.


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Hi there, if you're wanting to pull actual hours on anything, you'll need to use an hour report, not a project report. You're able to pull in some project/task info into an hour report, I'd start there to see how you go (using an hour report instead of project report).

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