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Is there a way to move a proof version out of it's current workflow to create a separate proof?


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I may not be asking the question right, however what I'm trying to find out is if I can remove a version of the proof (not delete it) with all it's comments and decisions and make it its own proof... like version 1 of a new proof.

Here's what happened....

We had 4 versions of a proof that was ready to be approved, but then we were told to go in a different direction with the offer... so version 5 was created and marked up. After further consideration, it was decided to go back to the original offer (v4 being the latest of that but with some new edits of course), however we want to continue to mark up (and get approval) of the "new direction" version to be used at a later date.

Ultimately it would be great if that v5 can become a v1 in another request instead of creating a new proof and having everyone go back in and make all their comments again. This way I can upload a revised version on top of the v4 for final review/approval of the original offer.

Hopefully I'm making some sense... asking for a friend. 😌



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Hi Giselle,

Tagging a few proof experts who might be able to help.

@Allison Lippert‚ @Anthony Imgrund‚ I know I've seen you share great insight about Proof in the past.





There's not a way to separate out a proof version and make it its own proof. You can delete a version of a proof, but I don't think that's what you want to do in this situation.

I'm trying to think of ways my team would handle this if we were to run into this scenario. What I can think of isn't necessarily ideal but could work:

  1. Upload v5 again as its own proof, then "appoint" someone transfer all the comments to the new proof. (i.e., open on the original v5 on one screen, the new proof on another, and make the comments)
  2. Print to PDF all the comments from the original v5. Upload that as a new proof. Then upload the latest v5 on top of that as a version. You'd have to remind the designer to look at the PDF of comments when they were making updates, though.
  3. Print to PDF all the comments of the original v5. Then attach this to a comment on the new proof of the v5 file that you uploaded. Again, you'd need to remind the designer to look at that PDF for comments so those corrections were made also.

@Anthony Imgrund‚ Any other ideas?


Level 10

Hi - yeah, I can't find a way to just move document version in Workfront. And copying only copies the document, not the proof so you lose all the comments.

At my last agency, if we were going to "restore" an old version, you would go to the All Versions view in the Document Details, download the version you wanted, and then upload that as a "new version" on top. So technically version 4 and 6 would be the same, but you could continue marking up and you don't lose the history that V5 went in a different direction no one liked.

Hope that helps.