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Is there a way on a View or Report to add a column which will tell me if the task was converted to a project or if a Project originated from a task?


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1: for a task if it has been converted to a project I would like to add these fields so I know it has been converted: project reference number, project name, etc

2: for a Project if it was originally a task converted to a project (task reference number, task name, etc)


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Hi Chris,

As far as I am aware, this is not possible when a project is created from a task. The original task is always deleted when it is converted into a project so you can't report on the originating task object as it no longer exists in the system.

I believe that what you are asking is only possible when an issue / request is converted into a project.

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Hi Chris,

I agree with Richard, so if you're trying to audit history, that boat has sailed, but if you're instead trying to create a process for future Task to Project conversions and are game to unravel a gossamer thread of faint hope, invite you to consider (untested)...

  • adding a calculated custom parameter called Original Task on a form behind every such Task that might be converted, saving the custom form (so the Original Task parameter "hits" the Workfront database), then set its formula to IF(ISBLANK(Original Task),CONCAT(Project.Name," | Task Number ",Task Number, " | ", Name),Original Task), which will "trap" the Task at time of creation (e.g. as "Project XYX | Task Number 44 | Soon To Be Converted To A Project")
  • add the same calculated custom parameter to the Templates that will be selected (without fail, lest yee break the thread and lose this data) when the Task is converted to a Project, with an even simpler formula of Original Task ("itself")
  • in theory, because both parameters have exactly the same name at the time of conversion, the contents from the Task (revealing that the Project came from a Task, which is what you're after) might come across, but definitely test it out first, and even if it does work, think long and hard about what it will take to procedurally ensure these Ducks stay Lined Up