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Is there a way for an issue report to show if an issue is late, on time, etc. (tasks have "progress status", projects have "condition", but issues don't)?


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Is there a way for an issue report to show if an issue is late, on time, etc.?  Meaning, if I am looking at the report today and the planned completion date for the issue was yesterday, can there be a column that shows the issue is "late"?  I don't see a "progress status" field option for issues like I see for tasks.  And projects have a "condition" field option that is equivalent to that.  When I choose "condition" for issues, all I get is "going smoothly, concerns, etc." which is tied to the last update.


Does anyone have a workaround that can maybe calculate the issue's progress status/condition (i.e. late, at risk, on time), depending on planned completion date and when the report is seen/run?


Any insight and/or help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Hi @GiselleSeoane! What about an Issue Report with a column that uses custom text? To set it up, you could choose Planned Completion Date as the column, then Advanced Options > Add a Rule for this Column and then choose a date range for each set of criteria and enter the custom text / formatting (screenshot below). You could do $$TODAY for Late, $$TODAY+2d for At Risk, etc. (2d standing for days).


Hope this helps!Screenshot 2023-06-19 141349.png



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Thanks so much for this!!!!  Although it's not perfect to calculate "behind", since status (and % comp) would help determine that, it's still a HUGE win to be able to export the report with issues identified as "late" and "on target".  I can just manually change some of the "on target" to "behind" depending on their status and % comp.


It's too bad we can't create a rule that has more that one truth like:

  • planned start date is < than today; and
  • status is = new

Thanks again!