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I have a field to relate 2 projects (Parent Project is field on children). Is there any way to get a project report in milestone view AS A DASHBOARD ON THE CHILD?


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I dont think it can be done, because of the auto-filtering but worth asking the group ....

If I recall, any dashboard added to the left nav (NWE) of a project automatically filters on the current project, overriding the filter




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Hi Marty,

If I’m following, then yes...

I am staring at you, backed into a corner across the room holding a can and a paint-covered brush that matches the wet floor....and now, my damp socks: like you, I’d never noticed this particular Catch-22 edge case.

While it drys, I invite you to consider:

  • adding a prompt on (parent) project name, in case doing so short circuits the default (child) automatic filtering (untested; and admittedly inelegant)
  • embedding the report as an external page (even untestier and inelegantier)- switching to a task level report (foregoing the milestone view, and which might still autofilter anyway; meh)
  • emailing me to discuss a Magic Report alternative (which I’m contractually obliged to mention), or
  • “punt”, and instead present a link to the parent project and instruct users to use it to navigate, then see the “native” milestones where they are intended to be presented




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Hi Marty, now this is just me throwing this out here before I've had my breakfast, but... if the field Project.ID is on the project object type already, couldn't you reverse the filter?



You can't use just ID because as you mentioned, the system will override that if placed in a layout template on on the left nav of an object. But it won't touch your custom field. I haven't tested this out, but thought I'd throw that out there.