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How to register for Adobe Workfront Outage Alerts


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Hi folks (SysAdmins in particular),

I invite you to use the attached screenshots to register for Adobe Workfront Outage Alerts , which (as of today) I can confirm do take effect.




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I have them notifying me by email of basically anything that can go wrong, always have. ;-)

Though I do find it rather funny, yet not, when Workfront is malfunctioning to the point of non-usable and the ticket says it's "minor." I mean, what constitutes "major"? Do the physical servers have to be on fire? ;-p

I've also seen multiple occassions where I put in a ticket for an issue, they say it is "known" but there are still no alerts from Adobe. Conversely, things are often resolved before Adobe alerts me that they are. This whole thing was alot more prompt (and honest/realistic) and reliable before Adobe took over.

So I don't rely on the alerts too much except as after-the-fact confirmation for what I already know.


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I think it may be just growing pains. Workfront had years to get things right and for the most part, they did. Adobe has had only a year or so.

I can't say I'm a fan of the direction they're moving but as far as the integration goes, I'm sure they will improve until it's at least as good as what it was.

As for the OP: Thanks Doug, I just set mine up!


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one of the helpdesk folks once mentioned that a minor issue only affects a few customers and major issues affect the majority of customers. So hopefully that helps you.


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Oh I knew that already, but at least a couple times it's been something that I see Community threads of "is it down" for. ;-)

Maybe not "Major" but certainly not "Minor" if that widespread. "Severe" maybe? They may need to think about adding some additional severity levels as it seems a bit binary right now.

I'm not fond of being downplayed when I have hundreds of users relying on the app….