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How does your company complete QA work in Workfront?


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We are a professional services team that is completing work based on deliverables. We used Workfront to track work that is being completed within projects. We are looking to implement a QA process in Workfront based on work done by our teams. Does anyone currently have a QA process built into their workflow?

Appreciate any and all ideas/help.




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Hi Erica,

My colleague @Kristy Musgrove‚ uses Workfront (with a pinch of our Magic Reports pixie dust) to manage an elegant, image based QA process to efficiently track defects and resolutions using the Workfront Mobile App across multiple global locations and an extended vendor supply chain. It is by far the most compelling and effective use of Workfront in this manner that I have seen during my (cough) shall we say "lengthy tenure", and could easily be replicated for any other Q&A process, be it physical or digital.

Kristy, are you at liberty to elaborate?



Thanks Doug,

@Erica Foisy‚ we are using Workfront to track QA for first-run manufacturing projects. We have tasks for each phase of manufacturing and utilize project level queue set-up and issues to resolve quality discrepancies with our partners. We use Doug's Magic Reports to compile all of the task and issue information into one quality report that is sent to all project team members and is a record source.


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Hi - we use the issues area on a project and have a custom form attached so that the QA can track it easier. (We use the filter Category ID equals Bug Tracking).

Now for my people, they are used to attaching a no-task template already that configures the Queue Setup for a whole bunch of request types on a project. So it is very seamless for my project managers and QA people as they are familiar with that setup.

I then have a dashboard on each project that is on the QA teams' layout templates and then one main one for the director to see everything across the network.