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How do you filter users that are not in a specific team?


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Hello community!

I'm creating an audit report of my users to ensure they are set up properly. One of the things I'm looking for is to ensure that everyone in a specific org is part of a team. I can filter by home team ID because that's a singular entity. But the teamIDs seems to be a string list based on what others have said so checking whether a specific id is "in" that "list" doesn't seem possible at a cursory glance. I thought about using EXISTS or NOTEXISTS but the User object doesn't have teamIDs available.

To reiterate using an example, given:

User A's teams: Team 1, Team 2, and Team 3

User B's teams: Team 2, Team 3

User C's team: Team 1, Team 3

I want a list of all users NOT in Team 1, so User B would be the only user on the report/filter returned.

Any thoughts on this?


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Josh - it can be done through an EXISTS filter on a User Report. If you switch to text mode filters, paste the following and swap out ID HERE with the ID of the specific team you want to filter for, that should work.

This will pull in a list of all users missing from that specific team, regardless of whether or not it is listed as their Home Team or under Other Teams.





If that isn't exactly what you were looking for, or have additional questions, let me know!