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Can you limit a report to only show multiple rows of a particular grouping?


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The scenario: I want to build a report that shows if two projects are working on the same compliance code. I have this code in the custom form and am able to group by it to manually scroll and see where they are multiple rows so people aren't working on the same piece in different projects. So far so great.

The challenge: There are 300 open projects, and only a small number of instances in which there are two projects sharing this attribute. I'd rather only see the ones where the groupings are more than 1. Alternatively, being able to at least sort so the multi-row examples are at the top is another way to highlight the key data quickly.

Any insight into how/if this can be done? Thanks!


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Ryan - I'm not sure if you've tried this already, but applying a chart may help (if it doesn't error out because of too many results). There's not currently a way to sort a grouping based on the number of results, however, a chart may help you easily identify which projects are sharing the same compliance code because those columns/bar/pie slices would be larger than the others.

I'm not sure if anyone else has other suggestions, but this may be a good starting point!