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How do i show the start date of a task in a project, on a custom form?


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Hey Team!! 

I am trying to get 2 things set up. 

First i need to get the start date of this task - "Print | Mail Entry Date", to display on our custom project form (so we can see it in Project Details). 
I have been trying to learn calculated fields, but i cannot find anything about getting info from a custom task (IE insert task name here and use it for calculations) 

Second to this, i then want to use that calculated field, in a portfolio view. where it compares it to another Date field in the project form and then flags the box Red (if greater than date) or green (if Sooner than date)! 


We originally had this 2nd part set up, working with Planned completion date (which was the same date as the Mail entry task date) but now we are adding closing tasks to projects, so it needs to change to a specific task that compares against the entered date field in the form. . 

Any help so very greatly appreciated!! @Richard_Le_  i saw your answer on another post that looked close! 


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@VictoriaLinn also your recommendation in another post was sort of close? any help would be fab thanks! 

Side note i was trying to write it, something like this? but not sure where im going wrong as {name} doesnt seem to work in a calc field.

IF({name}="Print | Mail Entry Date", {plannedStartDate})


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Apologies, just seeing this @ mention! Echoing what was said above, unfortunately, it isn't possible where you're looking to do this.


Calculated fields on custom forms can only reference the object they are on or their parent object (you could reference portfolio information on a project or project information on a task). So, it looks like you're trying to get task information on the project custom form (which would only be possible with Fusion).

You CAN get task information on a project report though. This is where collections reporting and the calculations you're mentioning above would work. Hope that helps!


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Hello Matt,


Unfortunately it is not yet possible to reference collections in a calculated field, so without Fusion or something similar, this will be impossible.