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How do I show Portfolio and Program names in a custom calculated field?


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I'm trying to add a field to my custom forms that creates a project name automatically. We include the Portfolio Name and Program Name in our file naming convention, but all I can get is the ID for my calculated form.

The current string is:

CONCAT(Reference Number,"_",Quarter,"_",Portfolio ID,"_",Program ID,"_",Type of Creative)

That gives me an output of this on the custom form:


How do I get it to show the actual name of the portfolio and program instead? I tried the following, which did not work:

CONCAT(Reference Number,"_",Quarter,"_",Portfolio Name,"_",Program Name,"_",Type of Creative)

CONCAT(Reference Number,"_",Quarter,"_",Portfolio.Name,"_",Program.Name,"_",Type of Creative)

CONCAT(Reference Number,"_",Quarter,"_",Portfolio.name,"_",Program.name,"_",Type of Creative)

CONCAT(Reference Number,"_",Quarter,"_",portfolio.name,"_",program.name,"_",Type of Creative)


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Have you tried this:

CONCAT(Reference Number,"_",Quarter,"_",Portfolio,"_",Program,"_",Type of Creative)


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You didn't mention the non-working behavior. Is it possible that you might not be recalculating the calculated field every time you make a change to it? (if so, it would retain the answer to the initial calculation so that no matter what you do it shows the GUID)