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How can I set automated report view 7, 14, or 30 days prior to a date in the middle of a week or month without manually setting those dates? This/Last Week/Month doesn't take into account current date going back 7 or 30 days.


Level 2

This week shows activity for the current week while last week is only activity exclusively in the week prior. The same applies to this month meaning this calendar month and last calendar month. I want to send weekly reports including activity from that present date going back 1, 2, or 4 weeks. Is this possible without manually entering the dates for the report and sending out? I prefer setting up repeating deliveries. Right now I have 2 items entered the exact same date and one item shows on my report for last week and the other doesn't!


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Level 10

Hi - I'm not sure what you mean by activity, but you can use the $$TODAY filter for your reports. If this is a task report and you want to know which tasks closed in the last week, you can use the filter Actual Start Date is greater than or equal to $$TODAY-1w. If I ran that Wednesday (Sept 2nd), I'd see tasks closed between August 27th and up today.

Hope that helps.