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Has anyone had success creating a Portfolio Request?


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I am working on building one request for (most) asks.

One option I would like to offer is creating a new portfolio/campaign as a request - is this possible? Has anyone been able to do this?


Currently, the marketing team set up their own portfolio and add in a custom form in Portfolio details. No one really needs to be notified or it be converted, but looking to reduce human error and streamlining the process for users.




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I had a Workfront Support request queue that included the option to request a new program. You cannot convert an issue to a Program or Portfolio, but you can still use the request queue to gather the information.

From there, you have two options. Either manually create the Program/Portfolio and then close the request, or use Fusion to create the Program/Portfolio and then close the request.

I have a Fusion scenario that creates Programs. I added a typeahead field to the form so that Fusion will fill in the created Program name into that field as well as add the URL to the URL native field. This has saved a lot of human hours and error.


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I have a Fusion scenario that detects the creation of a new Company in Workfront, creates a matching Portfolio for it, then attaches a custom form to the Portfolio and fills it out. Another scenario detects a Project created for a specific Group, then gets the Company from the project and creates an appropriate Program for it in the right Portfolio. 


As far as a request queue, you could build one for just about anything. It's mostly a matter of capturing all the information someone would need to take action on the request. Secondly, capturing anything that Fusion would need to take action, if that's the intended use case for the queue.