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Grouping for Checkbox Fields in a report and chart


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I was looking to pull a chart report that includes sub geo's shown while i pull geo performance for quarterly report. I was unable to pull the checkbox filed into grouping to deep dive my geo performance report. appreciate any help here. thank you! 

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Hi Sujatha,


If you want to group by a multi-select field in a report, the below text mode for your grouping should do it:


group.0.displayname=Geo Performance

group.0.valueexpression={DE:Geo Performance Field Name}




However, please note that you will not be able to create a graph using this grouping.


If you want to create a graph against your multi-select field, you will need to create a calculated field on the custom form that references the 'Geo Performance' field. Enter the following into the calculation: {DE:Geo Performance Field Name}. You will then be able to reference this calculated field in your reports and use it to build graphs. There is more help on this subject in this article here on Experience League.


One thing to point out though, is that when you report on a multi select field, Workfront will group by each of the custom field entry variations in their entirety. So if your field contained options for France, Germany and Spain, a report group could appear as "France, Germany'". Or if a user was to select all fields, another group would appear as "France, Germany, Spain". For this reason, it could be difficult for you to drill down into the data like you might have been hoping to. 


Hope this helps!


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Thanks Rich, 

I did use the multi-select field and yes, was not able to apply them to chart. Neither does the calculated field in custom form helping for the very reason you mentioned. I was like wanted to see how many of my records are from Brazil of XX list of America. 




Hi - Standard Groupings, Matrix Grouping, and Charts are not helpful in Workfront when you have a multi-select field. The reason being is for that object type, you are only getting back one line item, but you want it to appear independently under multiple groupings. Can't do that.


You can either use a prompt to filter out how many requests were for Brazil (and use another grouping for your chart) or you will need to hardcode the filter and make multiple reports. 


The fewer multi-select fields you have, the more you can do with reporting.  One thing I suggest to my clients is having a primary field that is a drop down and then a secondary field that can be multi-select. That way you can do comparison charts using the Primary field, but then do filtered reports using both to get the complete set of work for a single (in your case) location.