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Fusion Scenarios Accounting Schedule from Calendar Periods to 4-4-5


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@ewanhor @AndyHess ,  How best for Fusion to run a scenario that currently runs on the first day of every calendar month (i.e., Period 1) to now run on certain days that follow the Accounting schedule of 4 weeks for Period1, 4 weeks for Period 2, and 5 weeks for Period 3?  


Asked another way, how do I move the scenario from running on the first day of the month to a specific day according to predetermined day according to a yearly schedule? 

In this new schedule - Period 1 starts on 12/31/23, Period 2 starts on 1/28/24, Period 3 starts on 2/25/24... 


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Christina,


As you've probably seen, the scheduling options are quite limited. You can schedule for specific days, or months, but when the day could be different on each month or quarter based on the periods you have outlined, it isn't possible.


An approach you could explore would be to set up filter rules right after your scenario trigger, or build a datastore that contains a record for each date you want the scenario to run. Then set your schedule to run every Sunday (since the start of a period always appears to be on a Sunday). The scenario would then only progress if the filter rule matched your period start date (i.e, NOW is equal to 12/31/23), or if your datastore lookup found a record with a date equal to NOW.


Hope that helps!


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