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Find objects that are missing a specific custom form


Level 7
I need to find issues or projects that don't have a certain custom form. If I do a report with the filter Categories ID not equal My Custom Form, my results still contain objects that have that form attached. Example: objectCategoriesMM:ID=5a95812f0262baeae1be63f1fdf5f8d7 objectCategoriesMM:ID_Mod=notin projectID=55cba19d0030b9d1c5ea171caba69321 projectID_Mod=in Thanks, Brian

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Level 9
Are there any required fields that are unique to the forms you're targeting? If so, you can search for objects missing that information. For example, we have a "Master Project Form" that's required for every project. It lists our job number, the name of the product the work covers, etc. So I built a report that shows me any Project where the job number is blank. Since that's a required field, I know that any project missing that field is therefore missing the entire form. That may be a simpler (if somewhat roundabout) way of getting the results you're looking for. Anthony Pernice Healthcare Consultancy Group