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Filter Beta - Jumping from Beta to Mandatory - Share Feedback


Level 7

During the WF One to Experience League lockout I had a good conversation with @JessicaShayanPM about her post on the Public Beta for the new filters.


As part of our discussion, I mentioned significant concern  that Adobe was considering jumping from beta to mandatory use without giving time for us to make a transition once the new code was GA. During our conversation I heard that I was one of WF admins/customers raising concerns.  Therefore, I volunteered to ask others how your organizations are mitigating this risk - or is it a concern  for you?


I've tagged Jessica because I appreciated our open conversation, and I'm excited about the challenges the new functionality will solve - I just think we need a different release approach.


I shared both conceptual and practical concerns:

  • Skipping from beta to GA isn't software release lifecycle that I expect on this type of code change
  • We've encountered bugs with same functionality in other parts of WF even after it was GA that caused Workload Balancer to not work for several weeks while WF worked on a fix
  • Our organization has an agreement w/ Adobe; I don't plan to ask our users to enter individual beta agreements, too
  • The beta is on once a user turns it on - so when we hit issues it takes support to intervene to turn it off

Please help me understand how others are mitigating these risks if they aren't a concern to you.  Or please consider providing feedback here or directly to Workfront & @JessicaShayanPM.

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Level 2

Hi Jason, 


I completely agree and appreciate you raising this concern. I am also excited for the potential this new feature could bring, but it would be inappropriate for Adobe to force this update without a transition period.


This is a significant change to a fundamental piece of this software that my users interact with everyday, and I would appreciate some time to train them before forcing them to use the new filter interface.



Justin Cross


Level 10

I proposed a solution to Workfront to put a check box on each user profile for an admin to opt them in to any beta releases. Kind of like when we could enroll users in NWE before it was mandatory.


I agree, I have serious concerns allowing regular users to access "not ready for prime time" features that often are not complete and don't always work correctly.