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Executive Capacity Report Summary


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Hello. Looking for advice on creating an executive level capacity report for our creative teams. We have different hour availabilities within the same role. For example design managers we only book for 4.5 hours of daily work, while regular employees can be booked for 6.5 hours. We also have part-time employees as well.

Managers 4.5

Regular Employees 6.5

Part-Time 4.0

We tried adjusting their schedules, but that impacted existing projects planned hours. What would be the best method to provide a simple summary for the executives that shows the following information.

Role Planned Hours Available Hours Difference


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Could you add a custom form field that reports available hours for each person and then you could make separate reports or groupings by availability?


Level 2

Thanks Stacey. I had added a custom field to a user form, but I'm struggling with a way to summarize the information.



Hi John,


You might try adjusting the FTE value for each user.  You can do this in the User Profile section (and you can also bulk edit for users with the same FTE value).


So for example, if you have a designer who is only available for project work 6 hours a day, their FTE value would be .75.  You should then be able to go to the Resource Planner, set the right filters, and see the data you're hoping to see.