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Excel export/download of a Project plan is exporting Tasks in any random sequence!


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Hi All,


I am working on Workfront Sandbox instance. URL - https://sapemeasandbox.sb02.workfront.com

When I export a project plan into excel the exported excel file has all the tasks in any "random" order. The Review tasks are appearing at the top, the Planning task appearing somewhere in middle in sequence, Feedback incorporation task is appearing at the end oddly as last task - this random order of a project plan does not make sense or loses the objective of a "Plan" unless the tasks are ordered by "Task#". Anyone facing this issue or am I doing something wrong here?


Recreate the issue: 

Go to a Project Plan. Select the drop list "v" next to "New Task" and select "Excel (xslx)".

Issue - Exported file is created with issue of random order/sequence of task.


More context:

I am exploring Workfront work management features for a client requirement and ran into this issue. I have many use cases which will require excel export functionality of Plans or List/Trackers to work good.


Any help or guidance with what I am not doing right would be helpful. I am working on a sandbox instance and url is given at the start of the post. Let me know if further details are required.


Is this feature working good for you (all tasks in excel are exactly in same order of Task#) in your Production environment?

Many Thanks!


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This definitely isn't the intended behavior. I just exported a couple projects (and have done it many times before this) and the tasks come in the same order. Couple things:

- Are you sure your tasks were in order in WF before exporting?

- If so, sounds odd but try clearing your cache. I've seen a lot of bizarre issues in WF over last few months that were fixed by clearing your cache and performing the action again.

If this helped you, please mark correct to help others : )


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Hi @Madalyn_Destafney ,


- Yes I am sure that the tasks are showing up in right order in WF Project window before I exported it to excel. I also did not change any filters or settings before the export.

- Also cleared browser cache and tested this in Edge and Chrome. The issue is consistent. I got this tested by other users (Group Administrator and Standard user) in Sandbox #2 and issue persists.


Although, it is good to know that it is working good for you.  

I will raise a Support ticket, I guess.


Thank you for your support!