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Does anyone know how to pull the next milestone for a project automatically? My projects have a sequence of milestones (phase gates) and I want to know what the next one will be, and have this info as part of a summary table.


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Hi Jason,

If you are trying to do so on a Project report, assuming your plans and milestone follow a waterfall pattern, it is possible with an iteration of the tasks (e.g. iterate all tasks, and if they have a milestone task, but a null handoff date, show the name)...but that would then show EVERY upcoming milestone. Which might be ok...but they are not sortable.

You could instead use a Task report (perhaps in Matrix mode, similar to the built-in Milestone view) with one row per project and one column for each (presumably common, by filtering and/or grouping on a projects with a common Milestone Path) Milestone Name as a column, showing a Date for each such Milestone in each intersecting cell, and then format the report to grey out or even suppress Milestone Tasks that have started (or have ended), but again, without going to great effort, you'd also see all of the other upcoming Milestones filled in in their respective columns. Which might be ok, if that extra is valuable, or at least not distracting.

Another option, if you Just Need To See It, I invite you to consider our Project Status Report solution, which includes a Milestone section that automatically sorts and shows up to five Milestones (e.g. most recent two, upcoming three), sorted in the right order.



Appreciate the response Doug! I'll think through it some more.