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Documenting 'Historical Knowledge' - i.e. knowledge transfer/sharing?


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Our Workfront team has evolved and grown over the time since implementation. I am the only one that still retains why we made some of the directional decisions we did when building out our instance.


This has led to some confusion when new people come on board and they suggest a better way of doing something. (not knowing that there were factors into why we did it the way we did).


How do you document some of this valuable knowledge that isn't specific to a process step? i.e. we moved this group from this queue to that queue because of the change in support structure. 

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I maintain a change a log in in sharepoint, you could probably do it within workfront as well. It has columns set for the change that was made in the tool, any decision notes, and if communication to users was necessary and completed. It has helped to track and also show value in how the tool continues to grow. 

Thanks! It's not so much a change log but more capturing strategic direction, etc.


I like that idea though!


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I have an admin team set up in Teams and we use a change log as well via the MS List in teams. It's not only important to document what you did, but also why you did it.