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Data quality review


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How do companies incorporate a data quality review (DQR) into Workfront? We've had them in different systems but I can't find any documentation on it for Workfront. Here are my requirements:


1) Data on CUSTOM FORMS needs to go through a DQR

2) DQR cannot be done before intake but needs to be performed before project is complete. Yes, we should trust data at intake is good but projects change. So, we want to confirm attributes before information is sent off to second system.

3) DQR process must be one that can live in an automated, repeatable way. For example, it sits on every single project of a certain type (maybe certain template)


My ideas are as follows:

1) Intake manager creates and assigns an issue with a checklist form.

- Pros, it solves for #2 above. Cons, it's my understanding you cannot raise an issue in an automated way so that all templates have the same issue.

2) Create a report and have the custom form have a y/n field called "DQR". Report shows anything NOT DQR'd. DQR person will go through each and check it off. 


How do people do this? I want to avoid it feeling clunky and yet we need it to be super effective.

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you can't raise an issue in an automated way, but you sure can pre-set a task for each template that is assigned to your data quality person. Is there any roadblock to adding one more task to your project templates? 


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No. We can do that and probably will couple it with a report that helps us sift through any incongruent values. My ideal world would allow for a form to have a dqr button on it similar to an approval process whereby you can DQR certain fields and this step is required a) before project is complete and b) to act as one more field for an audit report