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Dashboard not showing data when added as a custom section on a program


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I created a dashboard and it is showing data until I add it as a custom section on a program. Then all the reports show no data to display. Is there something I need to adjust in the reports to make them show data when I add it to the program?


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Hi Liza,

I recently learned about this myself. There is Workfront built-in filter, on certain objects, e.g.

if you add dashboard as custom section on a task level, by default it will only display details relevant for the task which you are looking at.

I haven't tried, but to override this I would try using "run report as" functionality when configuring reports present on the dashboard.

Otherwise I would ask WF support.




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Hi Rafal - Unfortunately the Run Report As applies to permissions/access and not filtering. It is great to use this, for example, if you have a dashboard/report for an executive. You can run the report as a system admin that way you know they are looking at all the information in the filter and not missing something just because it wasn't shared with them specifically.


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thanks for clarifying Anthony! this is good to know


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Hi Liza - Rafal is correct. When you put a dashboard in the left nav of a single object (i.e. Portfolio, Program, Project, Task, Issue), it will auto-filter the reports on that dashboard (minus Calendars) to pull information for that object.

This is fantastic for like a report "tasks due today" as you can create the one dashboard and no matter what level you put it on, it will auto filter to just that Portfolio, Program, or Project without you having to create hundreds or copies.

However, sometimes this is not great when you want to provide specific sets of info no matter the program. My recommendation would be to pin the dashboard to the top nav so Users can easily get to it no matter what object they are done.

Hope that helps