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Assignment of task using Job Role.


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Workfront is not showing the assigned person to that job role when I hover over the assignment. Creative Retoucher's name should show up, not mine. We have creative retouchers assigned in the Job Role and Teams section in workfront. what is causing this issue?


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I'm seeing the same thing. But not for every user, if I log in as someone else, it may work and it may not.

Case # 00317824

Referencing this article as this is not Workfront's biggest problem, but it is still a problem.



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Thank you this is helpful. We're working with a consultant on getting workfront up and running in our company and I also raised the issue with him but have not heard back yet.


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I finally got a ticket on this submitted as well, Case #00318752


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According to the engineers, the only user that will be suggested are users you've assigned to something in the past 30 days. I'm pretty sure it never worked that way before but now it's kinda useless. If you need the suggestions because you don't know all the users with that role, you're not gonna find it there. If you've assigned them in the past 30 days then you already know who they are and don't need the suggestion.


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Only users you've assigned to something in the past 30 days seems a reasonable answer for why I'm only seeing myself since I rarely do any resourcing.

I logged in as the person who handles traffic for us and he does get appropriate suggestions for the role - but it takes forever to load - I'm sure he's starting to type a name long before the suggested list pops up.

Then when he starts typing a name he gets anyone with the name he's started typing, whether they even have a role at all or not, much less that role. And the user(s) with that role may be anywhere in the list - wouldn't it make sense to most people that users with that role show at the top of the list?

Thanks for the updates Randy and Heather,

Since the “drop down suggested users” is missing the mark, I invite anyone who’s interested to consider:

+ creating a prompted assignment report that would be useful (eg showing name, roles, entry date and ID, prompt for role, optional task planned completion date within last X days, optional user name to restrict by first name, optional entered by User name in case I want to restrict to only those assignments I or a certain person have created, optional user Is Active, optional task duration, optional task progress status to avoid choosing a user whose tasks are late, etc).

+ charting the results in an informative way (eg. bar chart of assignment count by month and user to see who “usually” gets assigned)

+ sharing that dashboard with planners who can then use it (eg in a separate browser tab) as a resource to find the best user, copy, then paste then into the target assignment they are working on

+ post what you come up with here, to inspire others

Missing from this equation, of course, is the current availability of the users (which, back in the day, I recall as being part of the intended functionality for the “Smart Assignment” dropdown). However, even if that were available, plans change and overlap creeps in, so if you are interested in automating resource assignments in a way that does account for not only roles, but user’s capacity, schedules, pto, and project priority, I invite you to consider our JITR (Just In Time Resourcing) solution.




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It might be better just to revert to the way it originally worked, like it worked in the old Ascent videos. Where everyone with that job role showed in the list… period.

I don't need myself as a suggestion, I already know who I am. I also don't necessarily need people I already know as a suggestion. The great thing about the original method was that it suggested people to whom I could assign tasks that I may not know personally.

From the Ascent video:



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100% agree Randy. Why, why, why, change this?!


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Hi Everyone,

We have been struggling with this same issue and have had a related ticket open with Workfront Support since April.

We were told that the functionality is working as designed and it was suggested that we open an idea in the exchange. Instead, we found an existing idea, added a comment to it for additional clarification, and upvoted it. Here is a link to the idea should you all want to add comments to and upvote it as well. Project Level Resource Manager Capacity Visibility

Our Principal Customer Success Manager advised that she would be taking our feedback to the product team. You may want to ask the same of your PCSM.


Frances Durham Evans & @Lauren Wood‚