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Creating project and tasks


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Good afternoon,

Just wondering if there is a method to have fictional email accounts and users in order to create and test a new projects/tasks?


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Hi @RubenOD,


For such temporary testing, one common approach (which not everyone is aware even exists) is to log in to https://yourdomain.preview.workfront.com (aka Preview), which is "refreshed" from https://yourdomain.my.workfront.com (aka Production or Prod) each weekend.





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You can create anything that looks like an email for testing purposes like fake@nowhere.com the restriction that an email is only used once is long since gone.  You can also create your own  plus addressing to create multiple test users that all send to you like if my email was Me@mlayten.com I could do Me+Test_User1@mlayten.com and Me+FakeUser2@mlayten.com and they will most often get delivered correctly to Me@mlayten.com , note that some corporate email systems block any mail with plus addressing, so you might need to use a personal test email which should be fine for most purposes.


Also note that by default all email is off by default in non-production environments.  The user profile has an option  to Receive emails from this test environment in between Email Locale and Notifications in the Edit Person panel.  




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We were having a ton of issues with the +addressing, the +addresses were being auto-added to users in Proof who had a profile in another instance of Proof with that same email. So corporate was not letting those notification emails through. 

I believe - don't quote me 100% on this, but I believe Workfront fixed this on their end by stripping off the + part of the address before sending the notification. So they should work now for anyone -- hopefully!