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Creating a report where each User's Total planned hours/allocated number of tasks during a certain time-period is shown.


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Hi Community,


Our team is trying to build a report where we want to be able to group the number of assigned tasks and the associated planned hours but then filtered by a specific time frame.

We would like to be able to have it summed up and preferably in a chart. We would also need to filter by roles and probably teams.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. 

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Are you wanting to see number of assigned tasks/planned hours for a user or for a project? 


If it's a user I would do an assignment report then you can group it by who it's assigned to. If you have the hours sum from the column page the hours will sum on the summary page. You could then do charts from there if you wanted.



example: this shows number of assignments for a user by project with a sum of planned and actual hours from the summary panel.