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Cookbook recipe highlight: My People’s Work Universal Dashboard



One of the ten recipes in the Adobe Workfront Customer Reporting Cookbook, “My People’s Work Universal Dashboard” submitted by @Skye Hansen‚ from T-Mobile, is meant to yield 6 reports in one dashboard that anyone can use to see themselves, a manager can use to see their direct reports, and their manager can use to see all teams under them (and so on). i.e., a universal dashboard. Find it on page 27 of the cookbook!


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I'm indebted to @Jonathan Hobbs‚ for walking through the recipe from a cook's point of view and pointing out little inconsistencies or places where a beginner cook might trip up. Thanks Jonathan!

And thanks @Kyna Baker - inactive‚ for rushing those changes to print! Remind me someday to tell you guys about the time I tried out a banana bread recipe that called for a tablespoon of baking soda instead of a teaspoon. (hint: it was not good eats)



You bet! I love the help here, and maybe we need an entire thread about our missteps when it comes to baking... in a real kitchen or in reporting. I've had some doozies... like using salt instead of sugar in a batch of brownies!


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I'm getting an error, see image.

CONCAT(IF(ISBLANK(Manager.Manager.Manager.Manager.SYSManager Hierarchy),"",CONCAT(Manager.Manager.Manager.Manager.SYS Manager Hierarchy," - ")),IF(ISBLANK(Manager.Manager.Manager ID),"",CONCAT(Manager.Manager.Manager.Name," - ")),IF(ISBLANK(Manager.Manager ID),"",CONCAT(Manager.Manager.Name," - ")),IF(ISBLANK(ManagerID),Name,CONCAT(Manager.Name," - ",Name)))






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@kynabaker16 @RoyRo See post below, still getting the error, can you assist?


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Hi. Checking in to see if you and @sljonas have any updates on the error message.