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Convert an issue to a task with embedded issues


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Is there a way to convert a request with multiple custom forms to one parent task with multiple child tasks or embedded requests. I don't want to create 100's of fields for the 2nd custom form because I'm being told there could up to 100 entries but will all have the same fields (approx. 15 for each).  i.e. first name - last name - birth date - address - email - etc. I really would like to create 1 custom form that would work like an embedded request that could be added as needed. My problem is these requests will be created by a requestor so it needs to be available in the queue for the requestor to fill it out. Since, I can't do that dynamically at the request queue level (or can I?) I'm looking for input. Has anyone else ever encountered something like this? What did you do?


I should note - we will need to push all this information out for some of the related fields to be cross checked and some to be filled in outside of Workfront then dumped back into Workfront (via Fusion) to collect all the information in one location. Multiple teams will be working on these requests at different stages so ideally Workfront would be the location to hold all the related information.



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DawnmarieD, a lot packed in here.  I'm not sure I'm understanding it all but I think I have a similar scenario we use.  Our Sales folks like to input requests for future client projects as well as stuff that needs to be done somewhat soon.  We have a queue that provides a simple intake form, 12 questions that we initially need to identify the services and team it goes to (that is a request type form only).  I use Fusion to then attach what we call "the long form" custom form (its both request and project type) to any submission coming through that queue.  Our market team that manages that queue will then connect with the Salesperson when the "due date" of the request is within 30 days and do a kickoff, fill out the form, do validation on information, etc.. Our market team then click "Yes" question at bottom of long form to trigger Fusion to create project.


Could you attach different custom forms based on some trigger, like the first group finishing their form then clicking custom field saying "done" then Fusion attaches next form and notifies the next team to fill their form? 


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Hi Kurt,


Thank you for your response. I did get this to workflow the way I wanted via Fusion. I still have some work to do to finalize the entire process but thrilled to be where I am.


Thank you again,