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Convert a request to existing project?


Level 5

Is there a way to convert a request to an existing project so that the custom form carries over?

We have a project that needs to get started prior to a form being filled out. Ideally, the initial project would not have a custom form tied to it, it would just consist of 4-5 tasks that need to be accomplished before the request form would be sent to the 'requestor'. They would then fill it out, PM would convert the request tying it to the existing project they already have created OR somehow attaching that completed request form?

I might be grasping for straws here but figured I would ask if anyone has a similar scenario :)

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Level 1

You can probably link the request to the existing project in the "issue relationship" fields. Then add the associated tasks to the existing project.


Level 2

We have a field on our request form that asks if there is already an existing project. We convert the issue into a task on the existing project. The user can then attach a template to the task with the few tasks if you want them to. The custom form remains attached to the task if you build a custom form for the task. Usually your custom forms are at the issue level but you can easily just make a copy and call it for the form. We have several projects which have multiple custom forms attached for various business units and it doesn't cause issues. It's important, though, that your naming conventions on your fields are separate and distinct so that if people change fields, and update them, they know which ones are theirs. We have the business areas use their initials in front of the field names so we know who "owns" what. It works great. You can remove the initials for the label so it doesn't confuse your user on the display of the form.