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Condition status issue


Level 1

Hi Community!

Over the past few weeks my team has noticed issues with condition status(At risk, In trouble, etc.) The condition status on projects aren't updating automatically. An update must be posted for the condition status to change. 


Example: Project with completion date of 1/15/24 is still "On Target".


Has anyone else seen this issue in Workfront? 

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Community Advisor

Hi there, have your templates changed to be manual condition status? Here is more Condition info.



If this helped you, please mark correct to help others : )


Level 8

Definitely check your Condition Type as Madalyn recommends.

Also, how much work are you folks processing in your instance? I learned recently that there's a limit for which the automatic timeline recalculation will process.


Level 1

Thank you for providing the link! I believe the amount of work we are processing is contributing to the issue.