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Combine columns but split data into completely separate rows?


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Hi there! 
Does anyone know if it is possible to combine columns but split the data into completely separate rows? Attaching a screenshot here:

What we want to do is have this split into 2 completely separate rows/line items. 

  • Estimate - DEMO Pospisil Recruitment Campaign | $5000 | 1/25/23
  • Estimate - DEMO Pospisil Recruitment Campaign | $2000 | 2/27/23

Here's the scoop: we use Projects to track estimates. Sometimes clients approve part of the estimate in January another portion in February. We want to track how much $$ per month we win, without having to create multiple projects. So my thought was I create multiple custom fields in our custom form:

Estimate Approve $______
Estimate Approve Date ______

Estimate Approve 2 $______
Estimate Approve 2 Date ______


Estimate Approve 3 $______
Estimate Approve 3 Date ______


Then I want to combine all the Estimate Approve $ fields into 1 column, and all the Estimate Approve Date fields into a column.

And then group by Estimate Approve Date so we can clearly see how much $$ was approved in Jan, Feb, etc.

Thank you WF Fam!

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If the Estimate DEMO Pospisil Recruitment Campaign is a project, you are better off making the individual estimates either requests or tasks in that project. Then you'll be able to have everything on separate lines, add all the dollar amounts, and group by the dates. But right now, that isn't going to be possible, plus you have the annoyance of having to maintain multiple approve and date fields.