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Collaboration on MS Teams vs. WF Proof - anyone?


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There's a great discussion on why we should be using WF Proof when MS Teams can be collaborative for reviews/versions/approvals?

Has anyone used both? Does anyone have any feedback - either yay or nay?


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This is a great question that I've received from several customers. The main reason is for tracking and auditing. How can you show that something on a specific project or task if you do it in MS Teams. Teams is about completing the task. Workfront is about completing the work and getting to a business outcome.

If you recall this graphic below, this shows the productivity curve that virtually every organization is going through. MS Teams is a great solution for bringing teams together, but using Workfront will help you get to strategic work that ultimately increase productivity and get you to business outcomes. You can read more about it in this diginomica article https://diginomica.com/out-disruption-trough-adapt-new-normal



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We use Proof because it is tied into the project itself so the project is now our electronic job jacket and has all tasks, documents, issues, and communications in one place so as team members get assigned and reassigned, everyone knows what is going on. We can also do a lot of reporting out of Workfront and Proof that you could not get out of Teams. We have also matured enough in some of our agencies that they are sending proofs to clients and/or vendors and proof is a much cleaner/easier experience for that.

It should be noted we average about 500 new proofs a day and 13,000 comments so our use case of Proof might be a little different than yours. But it took us 4 years to get to this point and that is because Proof has been a great tool for us.