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Can Notes and/or Attachments from Salesforce Opportunity be added to a Workfront Project via Fusion?


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My teams utilize notes and attachments sections on Salesforce Opps, sometimes, we'd like those notes/attachments to automatically be added to the Documents section of a Workfront project.

Has anyone tried this/knows if it's possible to do?

Thanks so much!


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Hey Allison!

Just seeing this post again and realized we have a Fusion 2.0 group that would be a great place to ask this question!

Have you joined @Workfront Fusion 2.0‚ yet?




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Hi Allison

You can definitely add notes and attachments from SF to a Workfront project. The following scenario illustrates:


The first module watches for attachments. You could do the same with notes.

The second module downloads the data, be sure to select attachment for attachment or document if it's a SF document:


The third module is where I get a projectID. This could be accomplished in many different ways like a search module that returns project ID(s).

The fourth module uploads to WF:


Notice the "Source file" field. Fusion is smart enough to recognize what modules have file outputs and you just need to select the SF download module.

Hope that helps


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Thanks Sam!

This is very helpful. I'm specifically trying to get Notes from certain Opps to be moved to certain projects, as part of an already existing scenario.

How can I integrate this? My current scenario has a trigger module already, so I can't use the "watch for record"

I'd like to take Notes from the Opp that triggers the scenario and upload it to the created project.



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Have you used the scenario where you "search for a document vs watching a record after creating a project? I am not getting my scenario to work.


Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 8.55.34 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 8.55.55 PM.png


My search module is failing as I have an attachment added to the Opportunity, but I am unsure what needs to connect to upload to the WF project in the beginning of the scenario.