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Calculated field to perform a query


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This is a pretty advanced question, I assume, but here goes nothing.


We have created a "database" of sorts within Workfront using Projects. We have a single campaign that houses all of the projects and within those, they all have a custom form attached with a particular set of fields.


I want to use a separate custom form to "query" this "database" to look up values within these projects based on the "ID" of a typeahead field.


So here is essentially what I need to do.


The user selects a "Project" within a typeahead field.


Once selected, query the selected "Project" to pull "Field Value A" into a calculated field.


in SQL it would look something like this:


SELECT Field Value A

WHERE ProjectID = {typeahead id value}


I'm pretty sure there is no way to do this within WF, but I figured I'd give it a shot!

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Hi Travis,


You're right, unfortunately, this isn't possible. Calculated fields on one project cannot reference data on another project.


What you could do, however, is build a report that utilises a prompt. Users could enter the name of the project that they want to reference within that prompt and the report would automatically pull in the relevant data set for that project.


You can read more about report prompts here.


Hope that helps!


Best Regards,