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Built-In Custom Field Impact on Reports View



Have you ever tried to assess which reports would be impacted by changing or deleting a custom field? This idea addresses that: https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0874X000000sYWZQA2/detail.

(Personally, I would never recommend deleting a field, however this may sometimes be necessary.)

Respond here if you'd be interested in providing early feedback on a concept. Thanks!


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Level 8

Count me in for giving feedback! I need something easier than exporting a report that has 12,000 lines and searching in Excel.


Level 7

Me too! I spent 4 months assessing this information when I started at Google.


Level 10

Hi Jeremy,

I'd be happy to chat, and in the interim, I invite folks to consider our Report all Report Details and Report Categories and Parameters solutions.




Level 10

@Jeremy Flores‚


Please count me for feedback. 🙂

Besr regards,



Level 2

Hi @jeremy. I am not sure that finding fields for "deleting" is the issue. It's more about determining the impact a field change could have. We had to do this for a client. Use Case was about finding what reports were impacted by making the field "change" so that the report could be edited - (e.g. update a custom header).

One of my fellow consultants at Rego actually build something to help with this. Reach out to learn more.



Thank you to everyone who commented here and to those who provided feedback!